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Fertilizer of Canabis : The Azimut - Mg Pro

Professional Canabis fertilizer for cannabis cultivation.



Fertilizer of Canabis:The Azimut - Mg Pro

Mg Pro is a N-Mg-S fertilizer that is essential for intensive production in off-ground culture. It contains magnesium in several easily assimilable forms. Cannabis magnesium requirements are very important, mainly during the floral and stretch initiation phase. The plant must have sufficient magnesium in assimilable form. Mg Pro contains chelaty magnesium which ensures optimal assimilation. The balance of the other elements that make up Mg Pro makes it possible to optimize the girl solutions according to the different stages of development. Use it in combination with the entire TheAzimut range.

Use of canabis fertilizer The Azimut - Mg Pro

Mg Pro is added to the girl A✱B solution for 0.5 to 1ml/litre. The preparation of the girl solution can be done in a tank or by injection. Acid, if necessary, must be brought last. Mother solutions must never be mixed pure. Preparation: fill a water tank to half its capacity. Add the required fertilizer quantities by mixing the solution between each intake. Complete with clear water.

recommended pH is 5.5 – 6.5
Recommended EC between 1.2 and 2

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