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The azimut - bloom

Organo-mineral flowering stimulator.




BLOOM is an organo-mineral flowering stimulator. It was developed to stimulate the production of terpenes and maximize yields. It contains a perfect balance between molybdenum and boron. This combination of elements cuts the absorption capacity of phosphorus and nitrogen, which strongly stimulates bud formation and photosynthesis. BLOOM also contains specific vitamins and amino acids. Many tests have demonstrated the potential of such organic compounds to influence plant development. BLOOM contains a precise selection and balance of these compounds. It activates the production of large compact and fragrant flowers. It allows plants to develop their full potential during this crucial phase.


BLOOM is added to the range The Azimut at 0.5ml to 1ml/litre from the early blooming stages. The solution can be prepared in a tank or by injection. Acid, if necessary, must be added last. Mother solutions must never be mixed pure. Preparation: fill a water tank to half its capacity. Add the required fertilizer quantities by mixing the solution between each intake. Complete with clear water.


Follow the culture diagram shown for the Azimut Professional range. This diagram can be adapted according to the precocity and vigor of plants. Measure the EC and pH at the inlet and outlet of the pot to appreciate the nutrient consumption of your plants. Adapt inputs according to these measures. The management of the climate and the frequency of irrigations greatly influences the ability of plants to absorb nutrients. These parameters must be controlled to achieve an optimal result.


Keep out of reach of children. This product may deteriorate if it is stored in bad conditions. Keep at between 10° and 35°. In case of contact with the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with clear water. Don't interfere. Use the balance of the fertilizer according to its intended use and according to the recommendations of use. Empty packagings can be evacuated with household garbage.

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