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The azimut - silice

Professional fertilizer based on silicon.




SILICE contains bioavailable silicon. Silicium is not an essential element for plant growth. However, its physiological action on plants is very interesting and can significantly increase the potential for cannabis production. Silicium has been used in production for many years through the decorating of prêle. The silicon content of these preparations is random and generally very low. SILICE brings to your cultures the ideal quantities and in a fully available form. SILICE stands out from its competitors by its availability. The pH of SILICE is basic. The pH of competing products is artificially reduced to limit the impact on nutrient solutions. This action causes silicon precipitation and cancels potential beneficial effects. The solubility of silicon with neutral pH is 0.140 g/l. SILICE contains 25g/l. It is therefore 178x more concentrated in silicon assimilable than competing products.


- Improves cell wall plasticity, which leads to more robust plants.

- Optimizes absorption of macros and micronutrients. Improves resistance to high temperatures.

- Reduces plant sensitivity to diseases and pests.

- Drives to higher yields.

When preparing the solutions, add first SILICE in the total volume of water. Other fertilizers are then added. Finally, the mixture must be corrected to the desired pH thanks to acid. Bring SILICE at 0.5ml/l each watering or 2ml/l once a week to the 6th flowering week.

Always correct the pH of the solutions after Silice is added.

Keep out of reach of children. This product can crystallize if stored in bad conditions. Keep at temperatures above 10°. In case of contact with the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with clear water. Don't interfere. Use the balance of the fertilizer according to its intended use and according to the recommendations of use. Empty packagings can be evacuated with household garbage.

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