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The azimut - vista

Natural insecticide.




Organic insecticide based on natural fatty acids to control insects in vegetable crops, arboriculture, small fruit and ornamental crops.


Vista is a concentrated suspension (SC) and contains 50% (505 g/l) Fatty acids in C7-C18 [sous forme de sel de potassium].


Tetranyc mites, foliage, white flies.


Floral culture: 1%, 10ml/l.

Against tetranyc mites, white flies, foliage aphids. If necessary, repeat the treatment. Only by direct contact.

Stamp the underside of the leaves. Avoid spraying directly on flowers, risk of phytotoxicity on pistils. Mix with no other products. Do not treat when temperatures are high.


Vista breaks the surface tension of the water. This break will prevent the boil from piercing. With this effect, water penetrates the respiratory tract of pests and stifles. Vista is composed of natural fatty acids and their potash salts which are also used for soap making. This product is 100% biodegradable. Its use does not involve any risk if it is used according to the requirements. Vista acts on insects by contact. The whole plant, including the underside of the leaves, must be sprinkled until it drains. When the plant is dry, no residual efficiency is expected.


Pour the product directly through the sieve into the tank filled to half water. Then complete the tank as needed. Act the boil constantly.
Mixtures: Careful when developing the spray boiler, make sure to limit the foam formation and reduce the bristling intensity if necessary.
User protection and application: Carry protective gloves + protective glasses or a visor.

Use phytosanitary products with caution. Before use, read the label and product information.

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