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CBD flowers - Double Gum 15g

Flowers of CBD

Dominance: Sativa.

CBD ≈ 21%

THC: -1%

Culture : greenhouse.

Organoleptic profile: sweet, fruity, candy.



Are you a fan of gum chewing and sweets? So, this flower CBD Double Gum must be your next discovery!


The most remarkable features of this variety are its fragrance that will surprise you and its deliciously sweet flavor that reminds the chewing gum.


Having a soothing and calming effect on the body, this flower CBD Double Gum is also recommended to anyone who wants to alleviate pain.


Unique flavor and many health benefits, what are you waiting to buy and enjoy?



How to consume the flower CBD


When you consume the flower CBD, we have several possibilities, which optimise more or less the therapeutic benefits or other medicinal virtues. Vaporization is an ideal solution that preserves our airways from the effects of tobacco. Hemp consumption in infusion (boire a tisane) is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol: it is enough for this effect to let infuse in boiling water, not to mention adding fat because the CBD is liposoluble.

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