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Looper - Tropicana HHC

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Looper - Tropicana HHC

  • Variety sativa Tropicana

  • Live resin infused with HHC

  • by 600 puffs

  • HHC: 85%

  • THC: - 0.3%

  • 2 grams

  • Rechargeable battery (Type C)



What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a hydrogenized derivative of tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a natural phytocannabinoid.


What is the Live Cannabis Resin?

Live Resin is a type of cannabis concentrate produced from fresh and non-dried plants. The production process involves freezing at -198°c of the whole plant just after harvest, which allows to preserve a maximum of terpenes (aromatic compounds responsible for the flavours and effects of cannabis). The final result is a highly concentrated concentrate in terpenes with a taste and aroma more pronounced than concentrates produced from dried plants.


What are the benefits of Live Resin?

The main advantage of the Live Resin is its flavour and aroma more pronounced due to the preservation of the terpenes during the production process. In addition, it is often considered to have more powerful effects than concentrates produced from dried plants. The Live Resin can also offer a more consistent experience from one lot to another due to its production from whole fresh plants.

Why choose HHC products?

HHC products are often considered a quality choice for cannabis consumers who are looking for a superior vaping experience. HHC products are often made with superior materials and can offer additional features for a custom vaping experience. In addition, HHC-produced cannabis concentrates are often considered to have a more pronounced flavour and aroma due to their production from fresh plants.



We advise you to avoid driving after consumption.


The vape is disposable when the liquid is over.


Think about throwing it with the batteries or sending it back to us once it's over.




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Based on 1 review

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    Vraiment top j'ai recommandé et fait goûter à des amis qui vont vous en commander et moi aussi je vais refaire une commande le 25 février je pense un de chaque donc 3 en tout cas

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