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Eightysix Brand - Wifi Cake HHC

  • Hybrid Variety Wifi Cake x Slurricane

  • Live resin infused with HHC

  • 600 puffs

  • HHC: 95%

  • THC: - 0.3% 

  • 2 grams

  • Micro USB rechargeable battery



Discover the live cannabis resin HHC fluid from Eightysix Brand

HHC, abbreviation of hexahydrocannabinol, is a THC-derived molecule that has gained popularity in recent years.The brand Eightysix Brand recently launched its new HHC product, a live cannabis resin liquid with natural cannabis terpenes wifi Cake x Slurricane.

Live resin is a cannabis extraction method that preserves terpenes and cannabinoids, thus offering a more aromatic and tasty experience.Combining cannabis terpenes wifi Cake x Slurricane in Eightysix Brand HHC liquid offers a unique and intense experience to consumers.

Cake wifi is a hybrid strain known for its mild and terrestrial aroma with notes of vanilla and cherry.The Slurricane is a dominant indica strain with fruity aromas of berries and mango.Together, these two strains create a complex and pleasant flavor for consumers.


Natural Cannabis Terpenes wifi Cake x Slurricane :The secret behind Eightysix Brand HHC liquid

Eightysix Brand HHC Liquid is a high-end product that offers superior consumption experience than ordinary products.The live cannabis resin used in the product is extracted from organically grown cannabis plants, without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

In addition, HHC liquid is laboratory tested to ensure its purity and safety for consumers.Each product batch is tested to detect contaminants and to ensure that THC and HHC levels are precisely dosed.

Eightysix Brand HHC liquid is also easy to use.It can be used with a cartridge spray or added to a joint for a more tasty smoke experience.Consumers can expect relaxing and calming effects after using HHC fluid.


Eightysix Brand HHC Liquid:A superior consumption experience thanks to the method of live extraction resinTop of the form

In terms of reference, Eightysix Brand HHC liquid is a unique and high-quality product that meets consumer expectations.The keywords relevant to the product include "live cannabis resin liquid", "cannabis tales", "wifi Cake x Slurricane", "HHC" and "Eightysix Brand".

It is important to note that the regulation of cannabis and derivatives varies from country to country, and that consumers need to learn about local laws before using cannabis products.

In conclusion, the HHC liquid from Eightysix Brand is a high-end product that offers superior consumption experience thanks to its natural cannabis terpenes wifi Cake x Slurricane.Consumers can expect a complex and pleasant flavor, as well as relaxing and calming effects.The HHC fluid is also tested in the laboratory to ensure its purity and safety, making it an ideal choice for consumers looking for superior quality products.


We advise you to avoid driving after consumption.


The vape is disposable when the liquid is over.


Think about throwing it with the batteries or sending it back to us once it's over.

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