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infusion cbd - tisane cbd
  • infusion cbd - tisane cbd
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Organic hemp infusion - Midday 50g


Hemp (20%), apple, heel, lime flowers, berry, alchemy, thyme, centaure, blueberry flowers, sage.

15 - 20g / litre

10 – 12 minutes


100% organic



What are our herbal teas in Le Chanvre?


Our infusions consist of hemp (20%) from organic production in Switzerland, with different ingredients and herbs also from organic production. Indeed, it is a beautiful way to consume cannabis by infusing it in hot water.But alone, hemp can sometimes give a taste a little strong, although the properties of the plant remain. This is why we have taken care of the selected flavours that combine perfectly with that of hemp.


The Infusions at the Hemp: a Natural Alternative for Detent

Hemp is an amazing plant that offers a variety of health and well-being benefits. This is why hemp infusions, also called hemp teas or hemp teas, are increasingly popular. What makes these special drinks is that they are made from top quality hemp leaves, without THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive substance of cannabis.

Les Bienfaits des Infusions au Hevre

Hemp infusions are often considered a natural alternative to help relax and relax. They are also known to help reduce stress, improve sleep and strengthen the immune system. In addition, antioxidants in hemp leaves can help fight free radicals and protect global health.

The CBD, a Popular Composant of the Hemp

The CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive component of hemp which is increasingly popular due to its beneficial properties for health. The CBD can be found in hemp-based products such as infusions, oils, capsules and creams. The CBD has been shown to help reduce anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, as well as to relieve chronic pain.


The Infusions at the Hemp: an Alternative Saine and Natural

Hemp infusions are a healthy and natural alternative to help relax and relax. Moreover, due to their simple and natural manufacturing process, hemp infusions are also ecological and sustainable.

In summary, hemp infusions are an increasingly popular drink option for those looking for a natural alternative for relaxation and relaxation. They are simple to prepare, healthy and safe, and can be combined with other hemp-based products for additional health benefits. So why not add a hemp herbal tea to your daily routine to enjoy its many benefits?





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Based on 2 reviews

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    très bien

  • 5

    Elle est très bonne ! Je rajoute un peu de lait végétal dedans et ca me fait mon gouter !

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