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Wolkenkraft FX MINI Vaporizer

Spray for grass, wax, resin, distillate, oil.

Works on battery.

No combustion.

Optimizes the absorption of cannabinoids without burning them.

Intense flavours.

Practical and discreet.



FX MINI – one of the smallest sprayers on the market changes the game with its advanced basic technology, its wonderful design and many other impressive features.

Wolkenkraft FX MINI


· High quality materials

· The most effective heating technology

· Precise temperature control

· Silent adjustment from 160 to 221 °C

· OLED screen large and bright

· Fast heat time in less than 30 seconds

· Vibrating function and automatic shutdown

· Find discreet design 136 g,1 x 2.5 x 7,6 cm

FX MINI uses convection heating technology, which means that the heating element is under the herb chamber. The hot air circulates through hundreds of small holes, evenly through the weed room and delivers pure steam and good taste.

OLED screen:

The large OLED display of the FX MINI shows the exact temperature, the exact level of the battery and the set and the temperature reached. Another interesting feature of the MINI FX: visible through a window in the buccal tip, a LED signals by a beautiful blue light as soon as the MINI FX has reached the desired temperature.

Heat very short:

A characteristic of the vaporizer FX MINI is the very short preheating time of less than 30 seconds: the temperature meter rises shortly after the ignition.


In addition, a quartz glass room is included, with which you can spray all your favorite herbs, oils and wax.

Contents of the box:

· FX Mini

· Oral shell, silicon sieve and ring

· Cleaning brush

· Fill Tool

· Quartz containers

· USB charging cable

· Manual (multilingual)

Wolkenkraft FX MINI

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