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We have carefully selected for you a variety of 100% organic Swiss CBD oils extracted from premium cannabis flowers to bring you the utmost satisfaction. Our
full spectrum CBD oils come in different dosages ranging from 5% to 40% and are 100% legal.
Lasalade CBD Company strives to comply with all current standards and regulations while promising you premium Swiss CBD oils at the best.
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Organic CBD Oil - 5%

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Organic CBD oil - 10%

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Organic CBD Oil - 20%

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Organic CBD Oil - 30%

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Oil CBD Find 40% Bio full spectrum|Lasalade CBD Oil CBD Find 40% Bio full spectrum|Lasalade CBD

Organic CBD Oil - 40%

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CBD Oil: What is it?

The production of CBD oil is carried out from hemp plants. These are specifically those that have been cultivated for their high cannabidiol content. This is the case, for example, with plants like the very low THC Sativa L. The obtained CBD oil does not cause any intoxication. Likewise, it is not intended to produce psychoactive effects. The cannabidiol content varies depending on each product.

Although there are several methods of consuming CBD oil, note that the way each person takes it varies depending on their needs, preferences, and desired effect. At Lasalade CBD Company, we ensure that the hemp oils sold are of high quality. Indeed, we do not sell artificial products. The CBD oils we offer for sale come exclusively from renowned producers. These are notably those who have very good knowledge and great expertise. Whether it is extraction or packaging, the processes used by our producers are exceptional.

You can therefore contact Lasalade CBD Company to get the best quality CBD oils.

What should you know about the legality of CBD oils?

Know that CBD oil is 100% legal. You can consume it as much as you want. This is possible because this product has no side effects. Additionally, the CBD oils sold by Lasalade CBD Company perfectly comply with current regulations. More specifically, the THC content of our products does not exceed 1%. On the contrary, our specialists ensure that the psychoactive molecule does not have any side effects on consumers' bodies. At Lasalade CBD Company, you can even buy CBD oils with 0% THC content. By consuming such products, you are certain to comply with European legislation.

Visit our online store immediately and you will have the best CBD oils at your fingertips. Additionally, Lasalade CBD Company can offer you these products in various forms and concentrations. That is why we can be your first partner and provide you with high-quality CBD products and advice.


Why should you opt for legal CBD oils?

Today, you should know that governments tend to closely monitor the benefits of cannabidiol. With this progressive approach, it is easier today to legally acquire CBD oil online or in stores. Indeed, CBD oils consist of several active ingredients. However, their good reputation comes from the fact that these products offer several benefits with minimal side effects. Additionally, consumers of CBD oils do not experience psychoactive effects, unlike cannabis with THC.

CBD Oils: Dosage

In general, CBD oils from Lasalade CBD Company are packaged in small bottles. They are consumed using a dropper. Such a practice allows the product to be placed directly under the tongue and the effects to be felt more quickly. You also have the option to choose CBD capsules to facilitate dosing. However, if you wish to consume other CBD-based products, you can also contact Lasalade CBD Company. We will provide you with CBD flower, tea, and resin, as well as skincare products for anti-aging and scalp care based on CBD.

Discover our 30% CBD Oil

How to use CBD oil?

For better consumption of CBD oil, you need to know the ideal cannabidiol percentage for your body. This way, you will be able to determine the number of CBD oil drops that are right for you.

What percentage of CBD to choose for the oil?

First of all, the percentage of CBD is equivalent to the milligrams indicated on your product's bottle. For example, a 10 ml bottle of 10% CBD oil generally contains 1000 mg of cannabidiol. To choose the ideal percentage for your body, it is strongly recommended to consider certain factors. These include your weight, your habits with cannabidiol, and your needs. For example, a person weighing 60 kg who has never consumed cannabidiol-based products should start with 10% to improve their sleep. However, they can gradually increase the dose until satisfaction is achieved.


How many drops of CBD oil?


Note that medical research on CBD-based products is still in its early stages. More precisely, data on recommended dosages based on symptoms is lacking. Therefore, consumers do not have a standard dosage regarding the number of oil drops to consume per day. In this case, it is recommended to rely on some factors and consumption habits.

According to some specialists, it would be wise to start with a dose of 25 mg, specifically twice a day. More precisely, you should swallow 5 drops of 10% concentrated oil. It is possible to gradually increase the CBD dosage, particularly over 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the initial results.

Lasalade CBD Company: the best brand of CBD oil

Today, many consumers are looking to know the best brand to buy CBD-based products. Some of them tend to set up some evaluation criteria such as:


  • The range offered;
  • The CBD content of the oils;
  • The packaging of the bottles;
  • Etc.

However, know that Lasalade CBD Company remains the best on the market. The CBD oils offered by this brand are particularly exceptional. Each of our products has undergone strict quality control and rigorous testing.

You can fully trust Lasalade CBD Company to use the best quality CBD oil.


Why should you buy CBD oil from Lasalade CBD Company?

Buying CBD oils from Lasalade CBD Company is a very wise choice. Indeed, every product made available to you is of very high quality. You no longer need to conduct long searches or use comparisons to find the ideal product that suits you. By turning to Lasalade CBD Company, you will have CBD oils of exceptional quality. Likewise, specialists will be available to give you advice on the choice that could suit your needs.


What payment methods are offered by Lasalade CBD Company?

As a specialist in the sale of CBD oils, Lasalade CBD Company offers you several payment methods. Whatever products you want to buy, you have the choice between:

  • Buying CBD online by credit card Mastercard, Visa, etc.
  • Buying and paying for CBD orders by Postfinance
  • Buying CBD online with Twint
  • Buying CBD online and paying later with the invoice method
  • Buying CBD easily with Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Etc.

How is CBD oil delivered at Lasalade CBD Company?

Regarding the delivery of purchased products, Lasalade CBD Company has set up strict rules. All purchased CBD oils must be delivered discreetly and quickly. By purchasing from our online store, you receive your product in a discreet and odorless package. Delivery is carried out in such a way that neighbors cannot know that you consume legal cannabis. This is a good assurance that we provide so you can easily order your CBD oils on our site.

What are the methods of consumption of the CBD oils sold by Lasalade CBD Company?

The CBD oils sold by Lasalade CBD Company can be consumed in different ways.

Using CBD oil in cooking

CBD oils can perfectly be used in cooking. For the more creative, they are a perfect alternative to coconut oil and several other vegetable oils. At this level, it would be ideal to let your creativity run wild. Try out cooking recipes using CBD oil. However, it is strongly recommended to stay reasonable and limit yourself to just a few drops.

According to some scientific studies, the bioavailability of cannabidiol is particularly very effective. Indeed, this method of consumption is 5 times better when taking a very fatty meal. Although absorption is slower, the presence of CBD in the body does not vary depending on the meal. This molecule will reach its maximum concentration about 4 to 5 hours later. However, the duration is one hour when opting for a very fatty meal.

Using CBD oil topically

Compared to hemp oil or castor oil, CBD-rich oil can be used in the cosmetics industry. More specifically, the use of cannabidiol can be required during the design of products for the face, hair, and body.

Indeed, the active ingredients in CBD oil offer several benefits. They have a soothing effect after topical application. More specifically, using CBD oil in this way helps to hydrate and relax the body. In addition to its antioxidant effects, CBD oil used in cosmetics contributes to the hydration of dry skin.

Vaping CBD oil

CBD oils can also be vaped using an electronic cigarette. If you have this device, do not hesitate to turn to Lasalade CBD Company to buy products with the best flavors. Simply place a few drops of CBD oil in your e-liquid and fully enjoy its therapeutic effects by vaping. Such practice is quite advantageous for heavy smokers. This is possible because they retain their smoking sensation while fully enjoying the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol.

What are the benefits of CBD oil from Lasalade CBD Company?


Extracted from the cannabis plant, cannabidiol has become increasingly popular as the most popular cannabinoid in recent years. Unlike THC, this molecule does not cause psychoactive effects on the body. By consuming CBD oils from Lasalade CBD Company, you will benefit from several exceptional therapeutic benefits.

Over the past few years, several medical and pharmacological studies have been conducted on cannabidiol. The potential benefits of this molecule are considerable. Indeed, the results of the studies have shown that cannabidiol has several very beneficial properties for the body. Its pharmacological potential continues to increase exponentially.

The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD oil from Lasalade CBD Company

To ease chronic pain, healthcare professionals tend to recommend the consumption of analgesic medications. However, these are sometimes less effective and can cause significant side effects. By resorting to the consumption of CBD oils, you will quickly relieve pain. Indeed, cannabidiol contains several very effective active ingredients. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil helps to reduce joint pain while stimulating positive responses. By regularly consuming such products, you strengthen your immune defenses without suffering significant side effects. Whether it is joint or muscle pain, the CBD oils from Lasalade CBD Company will provide you with effective relief.

The antipsychotic properties of CBD oil from Lasalade CBD Company

First of all, know that serotonin is a neurotransmitter capable of regulating mood and behavior. More specifically, these molecules play a crucial role in maintaining mental health. According to studies conducted by several experts, cannabidiol has the ability to influence how brain receptors respond to serotonin. More specifically, consuming CBD oil allows you to benefit from several advantages such as:

  • Reduction of stress;
  • Decrease in the physiological effects of stress;
  • Improvement of sleep in case of insomnia caused by stress;
  • Significant reduction of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
  •  Etc.


The anti-cancer properties of CBD oil from Lasalade CBD Company

In the medical field, the therapeutic properties of CBD are much more promising in the fight against cancer and its symptoms. Indeed, research was conducted in the 1970s on the anti-cancer potential of cannabis. According to the results obtained, it is clear that cannabidiol has the ability to inhibit the spread of cancer cells and the development of metastases. These phenomena have been observed in all types of cancer, showing the anti-cancer power of cannabidiol. Likewise, CBD oil from Lasalade CBD Company significantly reduces undesirable side effects. These are notably those caused by the treatment of cancer through chemotherapy. For example, it can be cited:

  • Pain,
  • Vomiting;
  • Stress;
  • Insomnia;
  • Etc.

The antioxidant properties of CBD oil from Lasalade CBD Company

Numerous studies have been conducted on the involvement of the CB1 receptor in neurodegenerative diseases. The results have clearly shown that CBD oils like those sold by Lasalade CBD Company can directly act on this receptor in the brain. Its action is particularly beneficial in the fight against certain pathologies and their symptoms. For example, this is the case with:

  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • Strokes;
  • Etc.


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