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Our range of premium CBD flowers are produced from hemp varieties carefully selected for their high CBD content and low THC content, the psychoactive component of cannabis.

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Cbd cannabis flowers - alpine fat 25g - free delivery Cbd cannabis flowers - alpine fat 25g - free delivery

CBD flowers - Alpine Grass 25g

(3 reviews)
Price CHF30.00
CBD Indoor Cannabis Flowers - Blueberry Muffin 6g - Free Delivery CBD Indoor Cannabis Flowers - Blueberry Muffin 6g - Free Delivery

CBD flowers - Blueberry Muffin 6g

(3 reviews)
Price CHF35.00
Cbd cannabis flowers - Dragon OG 30g - free shipping Cbd cannabis flowers - Dragon OG 30g - free shipping

CBD flowers - Dragon OG 30g

(6 reviews)
Price CHF30.00
Cbd cannabis flowers - ed rosenthal 15g - free shipping Cbd cannabis flowers - ed rosenthal 15g - free shipping

CBD flowers - Ed Rosenthal 15g

(1 review)
Price CHF50.00
  • On sale!
CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g

CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g

(2 reviews)
Price CHF39.00
CBD flowers | Moonwalker OG Aero 6g | Lasalade CBD CBD flowers | Moonwalker OG Aero 6g | Lasalade CBD

CBD Flowers - Moonwalker OG Aero 6g

(1 review)
Price CHF35.00
CBD Flowers | Amnesia Hydro 6g | Lasalade CBD CBD Flowers | Amnesia Hydro 6g | Lasalade CBD

Flowers of CBD - Amnesia Hydro 6g

(4 reviews)
Price CHF35.00
Discovery pack | CBD Flowers OUTDOOR | Lasalade CBD

Outdoor CBD Discovery Pack

Discover our 2 varieties of Outdoor Alpine Grass and Dragon OG flowers in this discounted pack!

Regular price CHF60.00
(5 reviews)
Price CHF54.00
  • -10%
  • On sale!
  • -10%
  • Pack
cbd swiss cbd swiss

CBD flowers - Moby Dick 5g

(1 review)
Price CHF35.00
Pack discovery - cbd greenhouse flowers

Pack Discovery Greenhouse

Discover our 2 varieties of Greenhouse Strawpicanna and Double Gum flowers in this discounted pack!

Regular price CHF78.00 Price CHF70.20
  • -10%
  • On sale!
  • -10%
  • Pack
cbd swiss cbd swiss

CBD flowers - Wild Berry 5g

Discover our Wild Berry CBD flowers, cultivated indoor to ensure the best quality. This Sativa-dominant variety offers a sweet flavor with notes of strawberry and red fruits. With a CBD content of 24% and less than 1% THC, enjoy the benefits of CBD legally in Switzerland. Available in 5g doypacks.

(1 review)
Price CHF35.00
CBD Pre-Rolled Joints | BlueBerry indoor | Lasalade CBD CBD Pre-Rolled Joints | BlueBerry indoor | Lasalade CBD

Joint CBD - Blueberry 5x

(2 reviews)
Price CHF24.90
Flower discovery pack

Flower discovery pack

Discover our 5 varieties of Alpine Grass, Double Gum, Ed Rosenthal, Moby Dick and Wild Berry flowers in this pack at a reduced price!

Questions ? Contact us.

Regular price CHF219.00
(2 reviews)
Price CHF175.20
  • -20%
  • On sale!
  • -20%
  • Pack
Discovery package - indoor cbd flowers

CBD Indoor discovery pack

Discover our 2 varieties of Indoor flowers Moby Dick and Wild Berry in this reduced price pack!

Regular price CHF70.00 Price CHF63.00
  • -10%
  • On sale!
  • -10%
  • Pack
CBD Flowers | White Widow Hydro | Lasalade CBD CBD Flowers | White Widow Hydro | Lasalade CBD

CBD Flowers - White Widow 6g

(1 review)
Price CHF35.00
Mango Madness CBD Cigarettes | Lasalade CBD Mango Madness CBD Cigarettes | Lasalade CBD

Mango Madness - CBD Cigarettes

  • 20 Stix per package

  • 100% CBD biological CBG

  • Bill taste mangue

  • 0% Tabac

  • 0% Nicotine

  • Made in USA

(1 review)
Price CHF10.90
Grinder card - lasalade

Grinder Card - La Salade CBD

This grinder card will be essential for you on the go!

You just have to rub your flowers against the perforated part and your grass will be perfectly "grinded".

- Credit card size, will slip easily into your wallet.

- Metal design.


Questions ? Contact us.

(3 reviews)
Price CHF5.00

TONCZ – The illustrated tone book

  • 15 artists to discover

  • 105 pre-cut tone

  • Non-health biological ink

  • Recycled paper and 100% made in France

(1 review)
Price CHF14.90

CBD Flowers: What is it?

Cheap CBD Switzerland free delivery

CBD flowers refer to the dried flowers of the industrial hemp plant containing high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant.

In recent years, CBD flowers have become a popular natural supplement to help treat various health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. They can be consumed in different ways, including as tea, vaporization, edibles, or tinctures...

So don't hesitate and buy the perfect hemp-based CBD flower products for you today!

The legalization of CBD flowers: What to remember?

Unlike many other hemp products, the consumption of cannabidiol is legal in French regions and in Europe. This is possible because this molecule does not have any psychoactive effects on the human body. At the same time, the consumption of CBD flowers is perfectly and 100% legal. Indeed, these products have a low THC level estimated at less than 0.3%. In light of all this information, you can buy and consume Lasalade CBD Company's flowers with peace of mind.

Are CBD flowers classified in the same categories as drugs?

CBD flowers cannot be considered drugs or narcotics. This is why they are freely sold in our online store Lasalade CBD Company. Indeed, CBD flowers are completely free of THC (the psychoactive molecule). They are therefore not classified in the category of drugs and narcotics. Moreover, you will freely find such products in our online store.

How to benefit from the effects of CBD flowers?

Today, CBD-based products (especially flowers derived from hemp) are popular on the market. Indeed, many people tend to incorporate them into their daily lives to fully benefit from the effects of CBD and cannabis in general. But what are the proper ways to enjoy the therapeutic and medicinal effects of CBD flowers?

In general, CBD flowers can be consumed and used in various ways. They can be infused in hot water. This practice allows the active ingredients to dissolve and enter the body after drinking the tea.


Alternatively, you can opt for vaporizing CBD flowers. To do this, you need a vaporizer. This is also one of the best methods to benefit from the therapeutic properties of hemp. Slightly heated, the active ingredients in CBD flowers are released and enter the body through the respiratory tract.

Cheap CBD Switzerland free delivery

You can consume CBD flowers by adding them to food to facilitate the absorption of active ingredients. The therapeutic effects will be felt about one to two hours after ingestion. You can also buy pre-rolled joints containing the desired amount of CBD, without needing to know how to roll yourself. This method is suitable for smokers accustomed to consuming narcotic products. In summary, you can choose the consumption method that best suits your individual needs from the various options offered by Lasalade CBD Company.


What is the potency of our CBD flowers?

As mentioned earlier, there are many varieties of CBD flowers. Each offers different concentrations of cannabidiol. These vary according to needs, taste, and other factors influencing the consumer's choice. For example:

· The consumer's weight;

· Their tolerance to CBD;

· Their stress level;

· Etc.

If you are a beginner, Lasalade CBD Company will provide you with flowers with CBD content suited to your needs. However, we sell products containing more than 80% CBD. As for the psychoactive substance (THC), the low content is regulated by law. It will never exceed 1% in our online store.

Cheap CBD Switzerland free delivery

Today, there are experienced CBD consumers who use the inhalation method. Many of them tend to seek a strong effect and intense aromas. In this specific case, Lasalade CBD Company will offer them our "Double Gum 15g" CBD flowers. With such a product, they will benefit from a unique and ultimate experience.


Buying CBD flowers

At Lasalade CBD Company, we offer you the cream of the crop of CBD flowers in our online store. Our deliveries can be made almost anywhere in France and free of charge depending on the order amount. Feel free to make your choice from our selection of high-quality therapeutic cannabis products. Thanks to our fast delivery service, you can order legal cannabis flowers and seeds and receive them by mail the next day.

So take advantage and buy the perfect hemp-based CBD flowers for you today!

Why should you trust our CBD flowers

Our online store, Lasalade CBD Company, is among the best in the sale of CBD-based products, including a wide range of therapeutic cannabis. We offer high-quality hemp flowers with different CBD levels, all from renowned producers. We care about quality and the environment, and we favor organic products, grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, in accordance with the rules of the art and the environment.

100% legal

Each CBD flower we offer has undergone regular testing by independent and certified laboratories. This practice ensures the low THC content in accordance with European legislation. Specifically, the level of this psychotropic substance is below 0.3%, in accordance with French legal provisions.

Lasalade CBD Company: An innovative online store

Cheap CBD Switzerland free delivery

To better satisfy its customers, Lasalade CBD Company places absolute emphasis on the shopping experience. Indeed, this company offers you the best prices on the market while providing you with quality products. You will easily find on our website CBD flowers that perfectly meet your needs. To do so with peace of mind, use our categories and search filters specifically designed for therapeutic cannabis consumers, whether you are a beginner or experienced.

Fast delivery

Know that Lasalade CBD Company understands how important it is for ordered products to be delivered quickly in the shortest possible time. To avoid disappointing customers, we offer fast and instant deliveries. However, rest assured that we act with absolute discretion. If the amount of your order exceeds the threshold set on our sales platform "Lasalade CBD Company," then you will benefit from free delivery throughout France.

Feel free to order our legal cannabis flowers!

Unbeatable prices

Our clientele is like a large family and a community of enthusiasts. They are looking for exceptionally high-quality products. That is why Lasalade CBD Company offers them competitive prices all year round. With our online store, you will benefit from the best value for money on all your CBD product purchases. We also offer a loyalty and referral program. This will allow you to save money and get CBD flowers at a low price.

Don't miss our unbeatable prices on a wide selection of CBD flower products!

Lasalade CBD Company offers other products

Besides therapeutic cannabis flowers, you will also find other CBD-based products in our online store. For example:

· CBD oils;

· CBD-based cosmetics;

· Hemp teas;

· CBD creams for skin care;

· Etc.

Depending on your needs, you will certainly find the ideal product that perfectly meets your expectations. To be sure of the quality and reliability of our CBD-based products, feel free to consult the reviews given by consumers.

Some benefits of CBD flowers

There are many reasons why you should fully enjoy the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol, especially our CBD flowers. These are considered a guarantee of a plant-based product, as they have not been modified. More precisely, CBD flowers are naturally rich in cannabinoids since this part of the cannabis plant contains terpenes and flavonoids.

Although the therapeutic benefits of CBD flowers have not been clinically proven, these products are considered a legal cannabis recognized in France and Europe. Most CBD flower consumers have reported feeling a sense of relaxation and absolute relief. However, they did not experience the psychotropic effects generally found in cannabis and THC. This is why our CBD flowers will be a true ally in fighting daily troubles.

· Our CBD flowers will also be very useful in fighting insomnia. This is possible because cannabidiol contains active ingredients capable of improving the quality of sleep for its consumers. Similarly, the flavonoids and terpenes in CBD help regulate appetite and several other essential biological functions. For athletes, our CBD flowers help athletes recover better after intense physical effort. More precisely, the active ingredients of this molecule soothe muscles by reducing soreness.

Discover our different varieties of cheap CBD flowers

Cheap CBD Switzerland free delivery

First of all, note that the quality of CBD flowers varies depending on several factors. The most important is particularly the type of hemp cultivation adopted by cannabis growers. This parameter has a significant influence on the final price of these products. Indeed, on the Lasalade CBD Company platform, you will discover several ways to grow cannabis.


Outdoor CBD flowers

Outdoor CBD flowers come particularly from outdoor-grown hemp. More specifically, these are products from hemp grown in a 100% natural environment. This parameter has a considerable impact on the price of outdoor CBD flowers. More specifically, they are sold cheaper by cannabis growers.

Indeed, outdoor CBD flowers have a good reputation in the market. They generally do not require large financial means to be cultivated. More specifically, they tend to benefit from sunlight and all the other nutrients provided by the earth. However, it is worth noting that CBD flowers grown in these conditions can be impacted by the natural environment. They are generally exposed to weather conditions and pests.

Moreover, 100% naturally grown CBD flowers generally have irregular shapes. This is a feature that distinguishes them from certain varieties. However, it is worth noting that 100% natural hemp cultivation has a very pronounced flavor. This is also noted in taste and aromas. These are key parameters that attract customers the most. Besides outdoor CBD flowers, there are also some varieties offered by Lasalade CBD Company. For example, indoor-grown flowers.


Indoor CBD cannabis flowers

Unlike those mentioned earlier, indoor CBD cannabis flowers are products grown in a controlled environment. This practice is quite common in this field. Many consumers consider these indoor-grown CBD flowers to be high-end products.

Previously, the commercialization and cultivation of indoor plants were prohibited by law. Growers therefore cultivated cannabis out of sight. Note that flowers grown under these conditions require special treatment to be optimal and perfect. However, indoor cultivation requires the installation of an irrigation system, artificial lights, and considerable labor. These are all parameters that justify the higher prices of certain varieties of CBD flowers.

Also, note that indoor hemp cultivation has facilitated the emergence of certain varieties of CBD flowers. These come particularly from crossbreeding different hemp species. Moreover, the various crossbreeding has resulted in flowers with several aromas.

Furthermore, it is possible to buy cheaper indoor CBD flowers from Lasalade CBD Company. Depending on the concentration and varieties, you will get the best value for money with our products.


How to choose CBD varieties?

Before proceeding with the purchase of CBD flowers online, it is important to ensure you choose the right variety. Indeed, there are three main types:

  • Indica CBD flowers: these products are generally recommended for people who want to relax, unwind, and sleep better. They are perfect for cannabidiol beginners.
  • Sativa CBD flowers: these tend to offer more stimulating characteristics. However, these products help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Hybrid CBD flowers: first of all, note that these products result from crossbreeding different varieties. By consuming them, you will benefit from various therapeutic effects. Similarly, the hybrid version offers different and original tastes.

Among the best-known CBD products on the market today, you will find Lemon Haze, White Widow, Amnesia, Orange Bud, or Strawberry Haze.

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