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  • CBD flowers | Moonwalker OG Aero 6g | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD flowers | Moonwalker OG Aero 6g | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD flowers | Moonwalker OG Aero 6g | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD flowers | Moonwalker OG Aero 6g | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD flowers | Moonwalker OG Aero 6g | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD flowers | Moonwalker OG Aero 6g | Lasalade CBD

CBD Flowers - Moonwalker OG Aero 6g

Discover Moonwalker OG, grown using aeroponics for superior quality. With a captivating aroma of floral, tropical, and nutty notes, this indica flower offers 26% CBD and less than 1% THC. Perfect for optimal relaxation, each flower is carefully handpicked and dried to preserve its benefits. Enjoy an exceptional floral experience with Moonwalker OG.

Product : CBD flowers

Strain : Moonwalker OG

Grows : Indoor, Aeroponics

Dominance : Indica

Taste : Floral, Tropical, Hazelnut

CBD : 26%

THC : - 1%

Content : 6g

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Moonwalker OG: a mesmerizing floral experience grown with care indoors using the technique of aeroponics.

Discover the most prized CBD flower variety on the market: Moonwalker OG. Grown with passion and expertise indoors, this strain is the result of an innovative process called aeroponics.

Aeroponics is a growing method that involves suspending plants in a controlled environment where the roots are nourished by nutrients sprayed directly onto them. This technique allows for optimal nutrient absorption and promotes the vigorous growth of each plant, ensuring a superior quality of CBD flowers.

Moonwalker OG stands out for its captivating aroma and relaxing effect. The dense, resinous buds exude earthy and woody notes, with a subtle hint of citrus. Its unique terpene profile makes it a highly regarded strain among connoisseurs.

In addition to its intoxicating scent, Moonwalker OG offers  a high level of cannabidiol (CBD) and a low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, making it an ideal choice for those looking for the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects associated with THC.


 The perfect Moonwalker OG CBD flower thanks to its genetics and aeroponics

Thanks to our meticulous approach to indoor cultivation and the use of aeroponics, each flower of Moonwalker OG is of exceptional quality. The controlled growing conditions result in dense, resinous and evenly developed buds that are high in CBD and low in THC.

We are proud to offer you an incomparable floral experience with our aeroponically grown Moonwalker OG. Each flower is carefully hand-picked and slowly dried to preserve its aroma and benefits. So you can be sure that you're receiving a high-quality product from an environmentally friendly culture.

Discover Moonwalker OG now and let yourself be seduced by its mesmerizing scent and relaxing effects. Enjoy the benefits of CBD in all its glory with our aeroponic-grown strain and get ready for an unforgettable floral experience."


Immerse yourself in the world of Moonwalker OG

By choosing aeroponic-grown Moonwalker OG, you're opting for an exceptional Swiss-grown CBD drinking experience. Our strain is prized by CBD enthusiasts for its multiple potential benefits. Some users report relaxing, soothing, and reduced stress and anxiety. Each flower is a natural treasure trove of valuable cannabinoids and terpenes, which can contribute to an overall sense of well-being.

At Lasalade, we are committed to offering you the highest quality products and providing you with a unique experience with our Moonwalker OG grown in aeroponics. We believe in the power of CBD and its potential benefits for your well-being. That's why we go to great lengths to grow exceptional flowers that are both rich in CBD and deliciously fragrant.

Order your aeroponically grown Moonwalker OG today and immerse yourself in a captivating floral experience. You deserve the best of CBD, and that's exactly what we're offering you."

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