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CBD Vape: As Pleasurable as It Is Practical

Discover CBD Vaping

Vaping products are battery-powered devices that heat a liquid (such as cannabidiol) and produce an aerosol that the user inhales. These devices are sometimes called vapes, vaporizers, electronic hookahs, or vape pens. Their appearance can vary, but they generally work on the same principle. The choice is therefore left to consumer preferences.

Contrary to the negative image given by the media and uninformed individuals, CBD is a substance increasingly adopted. Vaping CBD is now a common practice. It is important to choose the ideal e-liquid and the right electronic cigarette for a better experience!

So buy CBD vapes online and enjoy better quality


Different Types of Cannabinoid-Based E-Liquids

E-liquids serve as the "active principle" for vaping devices. They are substances of various kinds. Extracted from cannabis, cannabinoid-based e-liquids are among the most popular among vapers. These mainly include CBD, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and HHC (hexahydrocannabinol).

THC E-Liquid

THC is actually the psychoactive molecule in cannabis and is responsible for how your brain reacts to cannabis. Its concentration limit is now 0.3% in France. There are three categories of THC differentiated by their numbering. Despite their respective characteristics, they all have the same molecular composition. These are THC delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10. This simple modification in their molecular structures is enough to endow each variety with different specific properties.

This has a direct impact on the effects experienced by the consumer. The THC delta 8 molecule is also known as Delta-8-thc. It is low in concentration in hemp, but it is possible to distill it for more pronounced effects. THC delta 8 provides neuroprotective effects that can calm the mind. Its effects are therefore essentially relaxing.

Characteristics of CBD E-Liquids

For a better CBD vape, it is important to understand the product specifications. You should also learn about the dosage to choose the one that will best suit your consumption. The viscosity of a CBD e-liquid is greater than that of other e-liquids. Therefore, this viscosity must be taken into account when purchasing other accessories. You must also pay attention to the CBD concentration of the product to make a tailored choice.

Indeed, the same products will not be offered to you if you want to vape your CBD at low or high doses. With a concentration below 10 mg/ml, the low dosage is ideal for vaping throughout the day or for long sessions. For a medium dosage, we recommend e-liquids with concentrations between 10 and 30 mg/ml. The effects are more noticeable, and this dosage is recommended for shorter sessions. The highest concentrations are between 30 and 50 mg/ml.


Choose the Best Electronic Cigarette for Vaping CBD

It is not uncommon for consumers to get bored with classic vaping and want to switch to CBD vaping. Not having to buy multiple electronic cigarettes because of this change is a major concern. The choice of your CBD electronic cigarette should therefore be based on certain criteria such as practicality. The best alternative available to you is undoubtedly pods.


What is a CBD Puff?

CBD puff electronic cigarettes are one of the best solutions for vapers and ex-smokers wanting to discover CBD vaping. A pod is a kind of AIO (all in one) electronic cigarette but generally disposable. Its structure is similar to that of the classic electronic cigarette. It is mainly characterized by its small size. This product is composed of two distinct devices.

The upper part of the product is the cartridge or refill. It is a disposable element consisting of the tank and the device's coil. The tank is designed to hold your e-liquids according to your preferences. The tank of a CBD pod will therefore contain CBD e-liquid. The battery of the device is located on the lower part of the pod. It allows you to store the energy of your electronic cigarette. The autonomy of a pod varies from one model to another.


Why Choose a CBD Pod?

Based on the opinions of vape specialists, using a pod is highly recommended for new vapers. Indeed, due to its low power, it allows for a tight draw of the vapor. Moreover, thanks to its very small size, you can easily carry it in your pockets and enjoy quality vaping whenever you have the chance. Using a CBD pod therefore allows you to enjoy the benefits of this cannabinoid with more freedom.

Generally, you have the option to choose between two types of pods: disposable pods and rechargeable pods. The disposable pod offers a limited number of puffs. This type of device also has a pre-charged, single-use battery. Once you have completely used up the contained energy, you will need to get a new pod. On the other hand, the rechargeable pod has a refillable CBD cartridge and a rechargeable battery.

You can fill your cartridge with the e-liquids of your choice and recharge the battery via a USB extension. The only drawback with rechargeable pods is that they become unusable once the coil is defective. To choose the pod that suits you, you need to consider the coil resistance, battery life, and your preference regarding vapor intensity.





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