• CBD Flowers | Gelato indoor | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD Flowers | Gelato indoor | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD Flowers | Gelato indoor | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD Flowers | Gelato indoor | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD Flowers | Gelato indoor | Lasalade CBD
  • CBD Flowers | Gelato indoor | Lasalade CBD

CBD flowers - Gelato 3g

Discover the Gelato CBD Flower grown indoors in Switzerland, offering an exquisite experience with blackberry and fruity flavors. With a CBD content of 26% and less than 1% THC, this hybrid variety ensures exceptional quality thanks to meticulous indoor cultivation. Enjoy a pure and potent product designed for optimal relaxation.

Product : CBD flowers

Strain : Gelato

Grows : Indoor

Dominance : Hybrid

Taste : Blackberry, Fruity

CBD : 26%

THC : - 1%

Content : 3g

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Discover our Indoor CBD Flower Gelato, an Exquisite Experience Cultivated in Switzerland

Dive into the sensory elegance of our CBD flower Gelato, an exceptional variety carefully cultivated indoors in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland. At Lasalade, we are proud to offer you a unique experience, combining the power of CBD with the delicacy of Gelato.


Indoor Cultivation, Excellence in Switzerland

Our CBD Gelato flowers are grown with the utmost care in indoor facilities, where every element is meticulously controlled to ensure optimal quality. Ideal environmental conditions, combined with sustainable farming practices, result in a flower rich in cannabinoids, with an exceptional terpene profile.


Discover the Elegance of Indoor-Cultivated Gelato CBD, Originating from Switzerland

Welcome to Lasalade, where excellence and passion meet to create an unparalleled CBD experience. Our CBD Gelato Flower, grown indoors in the splendid Swiss mountains, is an ode to superior quality and exquisite aroma. Explore this unique variety with us, blending the power of cannabis with the sophistication of Gelato.


Indoor Cultivation in Switzerland: The Art of Precision

Our Gelato CBD is expertly grown indoors, under meticulously controlled conditions. Each plant is nurtured to maximize its potential, ensuring an optimal concentration of cannabinoids. Switzerland, the birthplace of our CBD flowers, offers an exceptional terroir, giving our Gelato a unique identity and extraordinary properties.


Gelato: A Palette of Intense Flavors

Gelato is renowned for its complex bouquet of flavors, blending sweet, fruity, and spicy notes. Our expert growers have preserved these distinctive characteristics in every bud, creating a rich sensory experience. The aromas of succulent berries, creamy vanilla, and earthiness reflect the exceptional quality of our Gelato CBD.


Swiss CBD Flowers: A Guarantee of Quality

The Swiss origin of our CBD flowers reflects our commitment to excellence. The rich soils and ideal climatic conditions impart unique properties to our Gelato CBD. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the strictest standards, guaranteeing a pure and potent product with every order.



Order Your Gelato CBD Today

Transform your CBD experience with Lasalade's Gelato CBD Flower. Order today and dive into a world of exquisite flavors, relaxing effects, and unmatched Swiss quality. At Lasalade, we redefine cannabis excellence to offer you a unique and memorable experience.


The Fascinating Origin of the Gelato Variety: A Journey through Flavors and Heritage

Gelato, a renowned hybrid cannabis variety, has its roots in the artisanal expertise of Californian growers. Born from the crossing of the famous Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains, Gelato emerged from an ongoing quest to perfect cannabis aromas, effects, and genetics.


California: The Birthplace of Gelato

The sunny hills of California witnessed the birth of Gelato, the result of cutting-edge and innovative cannabis cultivation. The passionate artisans who created this variety sought to combine the best of both worlds, resulting in a unique and captivating experience. The ideal conditions in California allowed Gelato to flourish and become an iconic strain.


Complex and Nuanced Flavors

Gelato's complex genetics are reflected in its rich and nuanced flavors. The sweet notes of ripe berries harmonize with earthy and spicy undertones, creating an inimitable aromatic bouquet. This depth of flavor is the result of a delicate balance between Gelato's ancestors, providing an unparalleled taste experience.


Switzerland: A New Home for Gelato CBD

Our Gelato CBD, passionately cultivated in Switzerland, results from a careful selection of the best genetics. The combination of Californian heritage and unique Swiss terroir gives rise to an exceptional Gelato CBD, capturing the essence of the original strain while reflecting Switzerland's distinctive quality.


Passing on the Heritage with Lasalade CBD

At Lasalade, we are proud to perpetuate the heritage of Gelato by offering a high-quality CBD version. Every bud we cultivate carries the influence of California and the distinctive Swiss touch, providing a CBD experience rich in history and flavor.


An Invitation to Exploration

Dive into the captivating story of Gelato CBD with Lasalade. Order today and explore the aromas, sensations, and history that make Gelato a unique and prized variety. At La Salade CBD, each CBD flower is an invitation to exploration, a celebration of heritage, and an authentic experience to share.

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