• CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g
  • CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g
  • CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g
  • CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g
  • CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g
  • CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g

CBD flowers - Strawpicanna 15g

Discover Strawpicanna CBD flower, a premium variety grown in a Swiss greenhouse. With a 21% CBD content and less than 1% THC, it offers fruity aromas and a unique sensory experience. Enjoy the exceptional purity and quality of this carefully cultivated flower.

Product : CBD flowers

Strain : Strawpicanna

Grows : Greenhouse

Dominance : Sativa

Taste : Fruity

CBD : 21%

THC : - 1%

Content : 15 g

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Strawpicanna CBD Flowers

Discover the excellence of our CBD flower Strawpicanna, an exceptional strain grown with passion in the fertile lands of Switzerland. Grown in a greenhouse, this premium quality CBD flower offers a unique experience for hemp lovers.


Features of the Strawpicanna:

Quality Swiss Culture: Our Strawpicanna is carefully grown in the picturesque regions of Switzerland, with an ideal climate and conditions conducive to healthy and vigorous growth.


State-of-the-art Greenhouse: Our growers provide state-of-the-art greenhouses to ensure optimal control of environmental conditions, ensuring the purity and exceptional quality of our CBD flowers. This cultivation method allows for environmentally friendly production and maximum concentration of cannabinoids.


Transparent Provenance: At Lasalade, transparency is our commitment. We provide you with full traceability, from seed to flower, so you can consume with confidence.


Balanced Cannabinoid Profile: Strawpicanna has a balanced cannabinoid profile, with a carefully optimized CBD content. Savor the benefits of cannabidiol while exploring the delicate aromas and subtle flavors of this exceptional strain.


Unique Sensory Experience: The floral and sweet aromas of Strawpicanna offer a captivating sensory experience. Each inhalation transports you to a world of natural well-being and soothing.


Strawpicanna Greenhouse CBD Flowers, Grown in Switzerland:

Immerse yourself in the very essence of CBD with our Strawpicanna, a unique strain, carefully grown in our Swiss greenhouse. Nestled in picturesque valleys, our production guarantees the highest quality, thanks to precise environmental control and exemplary cultivation standards.


Authentic Swiss production:

Choose Swiss authenticity with our Strawpicanna CBD flower. Each stem is the result of meticulous cultivation to the highest Swiss standards. The purity of our production and the total transparency in traceability guarantee you an unparalleled CBD experience.


Strawpicanna, A Strain to Discover:

Strawpicanna stands out for its balanced cannabinoid profile, offering a perfectly optimized CBD content. The unique aromas of this strain, combining sweet and floral notes, promise a captivating sensory experience with every hit.


Plant the seeds of your well-being with Strawpicanna, an exceptional CBD flower grown with passion, in accordance with Swiss traditions and rigorous quality standards. Order now for an immersive CBD experience, right from our fields to your doorstep.


Immerse yourself in a unique sensory journey with the Strawpicanna. Its mesmerizing aromas and delicate palette of flavors make every inhale a captivating experience. Harmonious floral notes and sweet undertones blend together to create a rich and balanced taste profile, providing an unforgettable CBD drinking experience.


Swiss Greenhouses, Land of Excellence:

Our Swiss greenhouses are much more than a place of culture, they are workshops of excellence. Located in the picturesque regions of Switzerland, these eco-friendly cultivation spaces provide an ideal environment for the Strawpicanna. Through an unwavering commitment to sustainable growing practices, we preserve the purity of our CBD, while respecting our planet.


Order your Strawpicanna today:

Succumb to the unique essence of Strawpicanna, a variety of CBD flowers lovingly grown in Swiss greenhouses. Get this exceptional sensory and therapeutic experience today. Opt for quality, Swiss authenticity, and discover CBD at its peak.


Don't wait any longer to explore the benefits of Strawpicanna, a treasure grown in the Swiss mountains, available exclusively at La Salade CBD. Order now and embark on an unparalleled journey into the heart of premium CBD.

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