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CBD flowers - Alpine Grass 25g

Flowers of CBD

Dominance: Indica.

CBD ≈ 19%

THC: -1%

Culture: outdoor.

Organoleptic profile: cinnamon, honey, spices.

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Discount -40%

(CHF1.17 / g)



CBD outdoor Alpine fat

This flower CBD outdoor Alpine Grass variety is at the top of the quality of cannabis flowers grown outdoors in Switzerland.This variety of legal cannabidiol has an indica dominance.

A 100% indica variety at the best price

This flower of cannabis CBD legal in Switzerland presents with a rate of CBD of 19% which makes it a flower of cannabis at the best price. These cannabis buds that grow directly under the summer sun are dense and very compact with a flower size CBD XXL. Combined with a floral flavor with citrus notes, this flower CBD soothing is ideal to calm daily stress..

So, what do you expect to try it?

How to consume the flower CBD

When you consume the flower CBD, we have several possibilities, which optimise more or less the therapeutic benefits or other medicinal virtues. Vaporization is an ideal solution that preserves our airways from the effects of tobacco. Infusion hemp consumption (boire a tisane) is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol: it is enough for this effect to let infuse in boiling water, without forgetting to add fat because the CBD is liposoluble.


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